Nowadays, corporate sectors have turned to the digital web for marketing, content creation, customer support, and feedback, etc. In fact, 97% of businesses run online, and your company website is your ‘window’ to the outside world. An impactful, dynamic and optimized website can turn the tables in your favor and make your business stand out.

Every business tends to sharpen its tools to overpower its competitor. Companies hire services of ‘tech gurus’ for this purpose, who manage their sites for them. Statistics also show that the market for web hosting services can reach 204.6 billion $ by 2024. Having good and reliable Webhosting services is, therefore an imperative prerequisite for survival, in the digital battle of web presence.

Hosting services can be segregated into three main types based on the intensity of performance delivered:

Shared WordPress Hosting: This type of web hosting is suited for those who are new to the digital business and want a low-cost solution for web presence. Normally it costs only $3 to $25/monthly to get started with initial web press hosting.

DIY VPS Hosting [managed/unmanaged]: This hosting model provides you with an enhanced web hosting performance and costs $5 to $50 monthly.

Managed WordPress Hosting: The model provides for a dynamic and carefree web hosting platform. Just leave it to these guys, they are the best in the world. Their services are available at $25 to $150.

8 Reasons Why Custom WordPress hosting is a good option

Get the Best Support Available: Custom WordPress web hosting is based on single CMS, so you will be guided by the ‘big guns’ of WordPress. These guys will manage everything and anything your website requires. Good web hosts check your site after every 2 minutes that add up to 720 checks per day!

Fail-Proof Security: This mode of hosting enables you to have the strongest security options available for your site that are monitored 24/7. With built-in security enhancements such as two-factor authentication, strong password, powerful anti-malware systems deliver multi-layered security platforms that are impossible to break.

Super-Fast Cache: Get lighting fast response for your sites with minimal hiccups and faster load times. As in a battle, the one who drops the fist punch wins the battle, similar to the one with a faster page load is more likely to get the attention of the user. Load your sites in less than 400 ms and go for the maximum performance grades.

Automatic Backups: Never lose your data as this mode allows you to automatically back up your data with no extra cost. This feature comes in handy when you are interfacing or installing new features on your website.

One-Click Staging Environments: Website developers often make changes to their websites. On other web hosting modes, the developers undergo a complex procedure for cloning their site locally. The custom hosting enables One-Click Staging Environments that enable you to copy your sites with a press of a button.

Unlimited Scalability: In case of user activity spike, this mode has the ability of automatic scalability. No matter how many CPUs you need to handle this surge, your web host will provide it. Some web hosts also can provide a dedicated server solution to cater to a website over traffic needs.

Get More Than WordPress: Get the flexibility and add developer-friendly features such as SSH access, Git, and many more other tools that can add additional flavor to your sites.

Go for Global Reach: The custom web hosts also equip you with a larger and more global infrastructure that widens your outreach stability and ensures fast page loads at your targeted areas.

WordPress hosting acts as a catalyst to maximize the performance, reach, and uptime of your digital link with the customer. The stronger the link the more chances for revenue streams. In summary, your business chances relate in direct proportionality with the readiness and optimization of your website.