A quick overview – Blogger VS WordPress

Space: WordPress is the amount of hosting (wordpress.com is 3GB) you buy & Blogger is unlimited.

Analytics: WordPress & Blogger are same with self owned Statistics with other tools like analytics.

User Friendliness: Blogger is not as much User Friendly as it is easy to create website in wordpress.

Cost: Blogger is Free and WordPress Starts costing minimum $20.00 per year.

Design: WordPress with unlimited Options and Blogger is limited.

Commenting & Social Sharing: Nearly same

Security: Surely, Blogger is under security of google. There is no chance to hack your blogger website and wordpress as self-hosted site on different hosting company’s server. You & your hosting provider is responsible to keep it secure.

SSL Certificates: In blogger; you are bound to have SSL issued by blogger itself but in a WordPress site. You can install SSL from any provider of your choice.

A quick stats – Blogger VS WordPress Statistics

More than 28% of websites are on the WordPress platform with more than 75 Million brands and users. You can checklist of Fortune 500 using WordPress. Why most businesses have websites & blogs?

There are only below 1.25% of websites on Blogger.

Today, most of people wish to earn online and the very first thing usually they adopt is blogging. There are various blogging platforms but Blogger or Blogspot and WordPress are most famous ones. In my personal opinions they both are totally different and have different benefits and drawbacks. I started blogging in 2007 with same hope to make money and quit it because of career responsibilities and just restarted after 3-4 years because I love blogging.

Blogger VS WordPress 2020 – Difference between two blogging platforms

Blogger blogs are free for everyone, you just need to have a gmail account and can signup another google product Blogger. WordPress is widely used platform for professional, business, corporate websites. It has countless websites.

Blogger & WordPress both platforms give you both options of sub domains in free and paid custom domains. If you are newbie in blogging, you should go for blogger. There are some reasons I found Why newbies should go for blogger and why should you go for WordPress

Blogspot VS WP for Newbies

If you want to start earning online, Blogger is best option to start with. Blogger is user friendly & Secure platform i.e., you do not need to worry about spamming or hacking. Different free and cheap themes are available and you are free to choose.

It is hosted on google servers and can manage hundreds of real time visitors and you don’t need to worry about Shared Hosting, VPS or Dedicated servers. It’s totally free for you, comparatively you need to bear minimum $30 per month for a average dedicated hosting account.

WordPress.com is free platform with sub domain, it offers you 2GB free hosting per blog with some limitations. You cannot menotize your wordpress free blog, but you can earn via blogger. I haven’t used wordpress blog for long but made a account to test only. WordPress has forums where you can ask different questions and get respond by different people. The same is with blogger too.

Blogger SEO VS WordPress SEO

Ahh.. the most complex decision is which is good for SEO. I like wordpress self hosted site for better SEO with help of plugins like yoast and all in seo. You can make SEO efforts easily with these plugins. Plugins are small sized software for specific tasks only. You can add categories and tags both in wordpress for visitor ease.

You can also do SEO with bloggers. It also has options of setting meta description, using H1, H2 tags. I in my experience found that google crawls blogger fast as compared to wordpress. I made this test with one self hosted wordpress site and one free blogger blog. I wrote two different posts on similar niches and published same day on both platforms. My blogger post was in google first and wordpress post came little late.

What google themselves say about WordPress VS Blogger

Blogger Security VS wordpress Security

Simply, love blogger security. Its google product, all you need is to secure your email address and keep it private. You can add security like second verification (using mobile phone code to sign in). Its free with such malware attacks or problems like viruses in personal hosting.

You can also secure your wordpress site with plugins like Wordfence, iTheme Security and many others. More plugins means more heavy site and problem in site load speed, which is actually a huge problem in SEO. Google don’t like sites taking time to load.

Blogger Ownership VS WordPress Ownership

I have a blog on blogger which is 9 years old but it is still not my property. Its google’s free product given to me and owned by google only. You are just using their free services. Google at anytime can cancel your blog and you are always at a risk of blog deletion. Google can delete your blog anytime if you don’t follow policies and terms.

WordPress is totally in your own hands. You buy a domain and hosting and can easily migrate to any other host, domain or do anything within your host limits and domain you like to. Wordress winning here but don’t worry usually google don’t delete blog.

Blogger Appearance VS WordPress Appearance

Blogger is newbie platform. Blogger themes are cheap as compared to WordPress themes. A simple blogger theme may cost you $20 – $30 where as wordpress themes usually start from $40. Developers make efforts for wordpress and design good themes.

Both platform have free themes options. It is really hard to find a theme of your choice in blogger but in wordpress you can easily find. Blogger layout designs are limited but wordpress layouts have hundreds of available options.

Conclusions for WP vs Blogspot

It is really difficult to compare these two; both are good for blogging and making a website. It may be different likings by different people. You will find various options and writers supporting their choices and priorities. Blogger is purely designed for blogging and can be used to design websites where as wordpress is purely content management system. If i have to choose one for my next blog, I shall be really thinking hours to decide one.

Occasional bloggers usually chose blogger because of no costing but if you enter in this field you shall feel something missing in blogger which you can have in wordpress. That is control over various things blogger doesn’t give you control & ease. A simple example is interlinking your blog posts. Its too much easy in wordpress but in blogger you specially need to open your blog and specific post and taking its url to hyperlink.

Both are good. You can choose any of your choice. WordPress is has some price like we are offering 1GB hosting with free domain in our shared hosting plans. You will need to pay per year and blogger is free at all.

Simplest Tip is

  • Go for blogger if you want to try or test yourself in this profession or having little interest.
  • Go for WordPress if you want to enter in blogging field and make your career. We can offer you a discounted price if you want to buy a domain and hosting.