Why have a website ? A simple unanswered question is the real reason you don’t have a website. Most of the small business don’t own a websites just because they feel it expense for their business with no benefits at all. This phenomena is wrong which i am going to prove with logic and finding.

Couple of days ago, I asked one of my friend to have a website for his business. He replied, i don’t need website. He can easily afford website services and his business volume literally needs to have some online identity.

I felt and experienced too many things in my other business. It was a very small investment but gave me a real return. You might believe that a free email address on Gmail, Yahoo or Hotmail is enough to get inquires and respond, but you are wrong here. Even our Facebook business page and twitter profile together cannot replace the importance of having a website.

Why have a website ?

I made my business website in 2009 right after joining. Why I did so? I had no clients that time. I knew the real importance of it by being a student of Marketing. Your website is your corporate identity. Visitors & Customers can read too many things that you don’t & cannot present them personally. They can find various products, read customer’s reviews, inquire things 24/7 and so on.

Give Priority to Website because…

Enhanced Business Credibility

We are living in a world where everyone is using the internet. Making a website is an opportunity for your business to tell your customers and prospects about your company without any effort. Mostly you search for the product you are interested in buying before making a purchase.

We make pre-purchase decisions based on our internet searches and finding. Your business will gain credibility after having a professionally designed website. You’ll get chance to have query and customer you even never approached.

Businesses choose to have a website because

  • B2B online searches before order is more than 85%
  • People making judgement based on website is not less than 75%
  • Design makes first impression. Admitted by more than 95%

Why have a website after offline Marketing & Sales efforts

Its cost effective way to market your product and enhance your sales via website. You can use newsletter or subscription box in website or popup messages to grab customer attention and update them with single click. By owning a website you adding edge to have sales round the clock & around the globe. Marketing via email or website is cheaper than SMS Marketing.

Why have a website ?
“If your business is not on internet, than your business will be out of business.”
Bill Gates

Covering the Globe

A website covers the globe. There is no boundary in world wide web. People can reach you from another corner of world using technology. You might have export opportunities.

Easily Manageable

You can easily change product pricing, details & promos at very cost effective way. Hard copies on the other hand costs higher, multiple times higher.

How to make a website?

1. Buy hosting & domain or Get free domain with hosting

2. Assign development task to designer or ask us to do it for you. Don’t worry, we charge economical.

Customer’s Convenience

A website is convenient to customers to remember and visit at anytime they want. They can do it anywhere without any special effort to visit you. It’s easy to remember your website as compared to your phone.

More than 70% of people browse products and companies before making any purchase.

Its Affordable

Usually people believe, making a website can disturb their budget. No, not at all. A standard website will not cost you more than $125 on startup and $20-30 per year renewal. Is it costly? We have made many low budgets sites for our customers. Standard package starts from $100.00 including web hosting and domain.

Final Words

You may be having trouble finding the reason to have a website. I have tried my level best to cover major reasons. You can add your thoughts by commenting below. We really love to read what our readers say. hostOsite aims to connect the world and offering website development and designing services at economical charges. Give us a try!