Frequently Asked Questions

What is Dedicated Server?

The dedicated server is your physical computer placed in a data center. Dedicated Servers have more security comparing to regular hosting and offers full customization. You’re the Boss of machine by paying monthly rent.

Are these prices all i have to pay to make it working?

Server prices are basic prices and do not have any extra plugins/software included. You can add plugin/software according to your requirements.

What if i need custom specifications?

We are all here to provide you what matches your needs.

Can i manage my server myself?

Most of people do manage their servers themselves. You need basic to advanced server management skills (depending upon your server and functions you want to perform on it).

When my server will be activated?

Mostly we have servers in stock and provide you credentials after payment. In rare cases, it may take 24 hours.

Can i start my hosting business with 1 server?

Yes. You can start easily.