Creating a wordpress site is not very hard if you have basic understanding of computer. Every option & tutorials are available online to help newbies. We ll try to Share How to Create a Site with WordPress – Step to Step Guide for beginners or WordPress blog / Business website creating tips from basics to advanced. WP site making will be on finger tips if you go through out the post.

In this basic tutorial I want to explain in very simple words how to create a website with wordpress.

First, we must understand together what a site is and what is WordPress. If you already know these things better and want to get a website for your business. This brief review will not hurt, rather it will help you to proceed very quickly during practice.

What is a Web Site?

A website is a series of more or less different pages that reside on a server or hosting and anyone in the world can link to and display such pages. You see many years ago making a site meant programming page per page with html, css and other codes. Realizing a static site meant (and still means) that for each page it was a .html file with inside the code that allowed browsers to correctly view the content of the page.

Then dynamical codes like php were born and thanks to them, it was possible to use an equal structure to handle multiple pages dynamically: each time the various pages are requested, they are “composed” instantly (dynamically) by drawing the Contained in a database.


Static Site: Each published page has the corresponding page in html css and so on.

Dynamic Site: A unique structure serves to create as many pages as we want, populating data from a database. (A database in computer science is a special information container optimized for reading / writing data)

The easy and mostly used CMS for websites are WordPress & Blogger. Both are different in many aspects and prioritize by different people for different reasons.

What is WordPress

All clear up to here? Good! They continue with “the history of websites”: we have to talk about the birth of CMS. Word Press is the most famous of cms or Content Management System (content manager). The cms have literally revolutionized websites with tremendous work savings both for creation and management.


Because thanks to cms you can use a management tool that allows you to create a site, create all the pages you want and modify them whenever you want.

If you use cms like WordPress, you can set a web page as you like, with formatted text, images, videos, and more, even if you have never programmed a line of code.

I repeat: without knowing programming, without writing a line of code.

I know this example I did in all my live workshops, but I think it’s really valid, so I’m self-quoting:

Instead of programming a page, it’s like writing in a Word document: add text, images, and so on. And then instead of clicking on “Save Document” click on “Publish” in cms and there are many, some are specialized for certain uses, for example there are cms born exclusively to manage ecommerce (among the most famous, Magento and Prestashop). WordPress is a multi-use cms, suitable for any type of site, is the most used and known in the world.

Fact: Do you know that more than 27% of worldwide sites are created with WordPress?

How to Create a Site with WordPress i.e., or

By turning on the net you may have already come across more official wordpress sites or and

I must explain the reason.

We start from things in common: both services are based on the same software i.e., WordPress.

But the differences are essential

  • On you can open a blog that resides on the company’s servers (Automatic), it will not be your 100% and there are strong limitations
  • On you find the “wordpress software” real, downloadable freely, along with lots of resources to create your site
  • So on .com you can create a site free of charge, give you a third level domain (like, you can NOT install plugins (which are essential additions to a full site), you can only use certain themes graphics and in practice you cannot do all kinds of sites.
  • On YOU CAN NOT make a business, ecommerce, or other full and professional site.
  • On, Just download free and open source software, or you can install it on your hosting to use it without limitation.
  • In many cases, I suggest you create a 100% website: through the wordpress cms you can do it and you can get a full site and reach the predefined results like new customers, gains or visibility.

What is needed to create a WordPress site?

Now I’m sure I got a bit confused, before I talked about installing “wordpress cms” on your hosting, but I did not explain what hosting is!

Hosting is basically a rental space where we can upload and build our site.

A physical space inside a computer (server), inside a server-farm (company that rents servers) that can be found anywhere in world. We are also offering hosting.

There are 5 basic points you must check when purchasing a hosting:

The domain must be understood, its your website name like

Linux hosting: Yes we have

At least 1 MYSQL database: Yes we provide

Enough space: Yes you can select from various plans

Sufficient traffic: We offer unlimited

Domain linking: Domain is the site access point such as, a name that is linked to host.

On the other hand, it’s important to choose the right name right away: after that it is very difficult to change domain (or rather it is simple for those with very technical knowledge). (In 99.9% of cases, however, companies sell packages that include hosting and domains already configured). Same like us, we offer free domain with our all hosting packages.


The hosting must be of linux type and then support the php, just do not need to know more “technical”.


I said before wordpress is a cms, cms are the evolution of dynamic sites. Dynamic sites to work in need of a database therefore also wordpress works with a database. We can configure it free for you. Again, you do not have to worry too much: hosting companies often create packages with already included databases.


Web space is just the physical space we rent on the server’s hard disk. That’s why we often talk about MegaByte or GigaByte just like the hard drives on our computer. On this space you will save all the files in your site including emails. When someone accesses it, the server will take care of it as soon as possible. We provide protected hosting.


Site traffic is the data exchange between the visitor’s computer and the server where our site is hosted. To simplify when we visit the homepage of our WP site, for example, we request the server (hosting) page and the server sends it to us.

We download content, pictures and information to make the page displayed correctly in our PC. Here’s the “data exchange” that is generated always expressed in MB or GB is traffic. If you want it is the same concept that telephony companies use to count the GBs they use when browsing the internet with the smartphone.

How much space? How much traffic? Which hosting???

I know, now that I have explained these things to you, in your mind you have created some doubts that you think there are no solutions.

Don’t worry & Quiet.

In fact things are much simpler than what they seem.

Technology is advancing and reaches out to everyone: in fact, hosting companies offer packages made specifically for WordPress. That means they have all the necessary features (domain, linux, database, memories?) And they already have enough space and traffic to start with the creation of your website.

Another important concept: all these solutions are scalable or you can start with the smallest package and then if your site grows in size and traffic, you can upgrade and switch to a more powerful package.

I can say that 1GB of space and 1GB of bandwidth are more than enough to start creating a site with wordpress, but it always depends on the specific cases.

Example: If I am a photographer and I want to upload 100 very large images (2MB each) each month: it will end my space in about 4 months (1GB). However, as I have already said, the main hosting packages are scalable: that is, they and we allow you to move to a next plan (with more space and bandwidth), just buy the package.

Discard the cheapest options because the performance of a site is very important for both the user and Google!

For Google?

Google gives more visibility to sites that offer better experience to Internet users.

Faster sites = better experience for users = more visibility on search engines.

Here is my previous statement.

So invest in a minimum and make sure that there is a powerful hosting: I’m sure you’ll make a difference in terms of loading time and positioning on google!

Well done at this point you know for sure what a site is, what are cms and how WordPress works.

Now let’s continue with the practical part, but first I ask you a little favor, I ask you to share this tutorial on facebook/twitter/google+/reddit or any social platform you use, so my tutorial will spread on the web and help other people in your own situation.

Install a WordPress site

Making a site with wp is very simple if you follow an action plan that, step by step, lets you create a complete and personalized project based on your needs. Here are all the steps to install your wordpress, following them you will find that no special technical skills are required.

First of all I must say that there are 2 methods to create a site with WordPress:

# 1 The first method is the manual one that will describe you shortly

# 2 The second method is to use the hosting management panel in possession of your purchased plan.

You have to know that technology also advances in the hosting industry (fortunately) and in recent years the technical part has been very simplified. Our hosting management panels allow you to create a site in one click, without dealing directly with installation, database management, file move, and more.

If your hosting uses cPanel, DirectAdmin or other panels to install Worpdress easily with these solutions. This SSL Installation Guide will help your site to get google & visitor trust.

Step to Step Guide for Installing WordPress from Linux Based Cpanel Hosting

  • Login to your cpanel account
  • Go to
  • enter your user name and password

Hosting panel will look this

Go and find WordPress or softaculous

Wow we came to the end of this long post where we learned together how to create a site with WordPress!

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