Are you obsessed with chatting? Especially while playing games? Well luckily for you many apps allow chatting with your friends whether in group texts or voice chats. One such app is Discord, which offers a wide range of features including video, voice, and text chats with your friends in the gaming community. It has become a popular way to connect with millions of people online. You can even use it to share memes, screenshots, or gifs. While playing games it can be used to plan your strategies using the voice channels. It can be used on many platforms and devices including Linux, iOS, Android, Windows, and web browsers.

If you have ever used Discord, you must know about bots. But some of you might be new to this and must be wondering what discord bots are and how you can create them on your own. This article will give you all the information you need about discord bots and provide a step-by-step guide to creating a discord bot.

What are Discord Bots?

Bots are AI-powered tools that are programmed to provide a variety of services for this communication platform including games, internet services, moderation assistance, processing of payments, and much more. Apart from using it for chatting, businessmen and marketing managers employ these programmed bots to automate a variety of functions required to build a community for them. They provide an engaging experience and give exclusivity to their users. There are some popular forms of these discord bots which include:

  • Discord music bots
  • Translation bots
  • Voice command bots
  • All-rounder bots that combine a variety of functions
  • Statistics bots

Bots can make your life easier by automating all these essential functions you need to perform daily in your life. They are extremely useful for gaming as they can automatically evaluate user behavior, communicate with different gaming servers, and make a connection between Discord and the gaming server.

How to Create a Discord Bot?

You can create a discord bot yourself to have a better experience while using this fascinating app. You just need to follow some simple steps to create a Discord bot. these steps are described below in detail.

Creating a Discord Account 

The first step in making a Discord bot is to make an account on Discord. Set up your discord account by visiting the website, and create an account using your email address and date of birth.

Making a New Application

  • Log onto the Discord website
  • Go through the application page
  • Choose the ‘’New Application’’ option
  • Provide a name for the new application and click on ‘’create.’’

Creating a Bot

  • Once the new application is created, navigate to the ‘’bot’’ tab
  • Click on the option of ‘’Add Bot’’ to create a new bot
  • Once the bot is created, a bot’s token will be displayed, you must copy it because tokens are displayed only once and if you lose it you might have to generate a new bot.

Generating a URL

  • Go to the OAuth2 URL generator tab, expand this tab, and select the option of URL Generator sub-tab.
  • Under the option of ‘’scopes,’’ tick the checkbox of ‘’bot.’’
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page, and select the options that are required for the bot to function. Depending upon the permissions you selected, the invite URL will be auto-generated.
  • If it is not auto-generated then return to the Authorization Flow section of the bot tab. Then check if the “Requires OAuth2 Code Grant” option is switched off. 
Discord Bot using on the man

Adding the Bot to the Browser

  • Then you can invite the bot to your server by pasting the bot URL into a browser.
  • There will be another opportunity for you to confirm the permissions that you have selected earlier. If everything is all set then you can click ‘’authorize.’’

By following these simple steps, you can create a discord bot on your own and add it to your server. This can make your chatting or working experience efficient.

What is Discord Bot Hosting?

By using discord bot hosting, you can host and control your discord bot 24/7. You can have full access to the files of the bot along with access to the discord support. The hosting plan of the bot supports different languages and frameworks including JDA and Discord. JS, and

Examples of Discord Bots

There are several options for discord bots that you can create and add to your server. Here are some examples of some great bots that you can use according to your needs. So, let’s go through these. 

  • Dank Memer: This bot has an in-game currency and also allows users to insert memes into the conversation.
  • Octave: It allows you to add high-quality audio to your server. 
  • MEE6: It is a server management bot that allows the welcoming of new users and introduces new roles, levels, and XP.
  • Hubs Discord Bot: Mozilla has this bot that allows the users to connect Hubs chatroom with your discord server. 


In this digital era, everything is done by texting or voice and video chatting. Discord is such an app that provides its users with all these features of chatting while playing games. These features can also be used by entrepreneurs and marketing managers to run their businesses. AI-powered bots have become a part of these platforms that enhance all these features and allow many services including moderation assistance. Discord bots are such bots that you can create on your own through your discord account and add them to your server to make do your daily tasks easily. Follow the steps described in this article to create your bot and have the most engaging and personalized automated experience.