Not every business thinks the same. There are entrepreneurs who look beyond the boundaries. They not only work with national but international clients as well. If you are targeting any country; let’s say, Egypt to export cotton, denim or any woven product. Egyptian web site Design Company would be the best choice to develop something great for you. There are some reasons, why your targeted country based web hosting and designing companies are better.

  1. They understand the local business better than others
  2. They have a clear idea about local market likes and dislikes
  3. Local bodies not only fulfill your requirement but add local taste as well
  4. Lots of other reasons. A few discussed here.

How Website Design helps in Boosting sales

Making a good, audience oriented, responsive, light weight and search engine robot friendly website isn’t an easy job. There are lots of factor to consider which matches everything leading towards more revenues. A website which looks very beautiful to eye may be worst to search engine if it loads late. The same way, website with complete product description, but, with poor coded cms or theme may not be user friendly.

You website is your brand, your outlet and your presentation to the people who may not be in your area to physically visit. The problem with people who are not technology oriented is that they have huge investment for local bodies on your office, factory, outlet, and local brand presence but nearly ZERO investment to present them to the world.

Why it’s Important

Making your website is the most important thing for your business. Just assume, you have a customer in Egypt whom you are going to export 10 forty feet containers and your website is static, build with HTML. Even made on WordPressWixMagento or Shopify from less expert developer who build a website but fails to give it a brand look.

We normally see business websites that even don’t have footer menu. It has its own worth.

5 things that increase sales with proper web design

Easy Navigation: Websites with easy navigation helps user to get what they want instead of searching for it.

Badges: Nearly every business has registration with trade bodies, tax authorities and chambers but why not putting them on your website to grab customer attention towards your legal, registered and trusted business

Live Chat: Adding a live chat option for visitors is top notch customer attracting strategy. Your staff may ask if they can help visitor and provide them exact information and links to pages containing product description and helping them by answering their questions add a plus to your online business which your competitors may be missing.

Website Theme:  This is not CMS theme. This is understanding your of your business theme. As discussed earlier. Website color selection for jeans exporter would be different from color selection of rice exporter. Only experience web developers understand this element.

You are 24/7/365 accessible: This is the most important thing. Your office, factory or outlet may be off for various reasons like national holidays, religious occasions, family functions and worker’s strike. But your website is live every minute. Choose a good hosting company which has near to no downtime.

How to choose the best website design company

Every developer and company would surely claim to provide you the best of their services but you can do some cross check yourself. Of course, you should. It’s about your business presentation. World has changed now, everyone is busy in improving their life standards. They don’t have time to visit you. They have smart phones, tablets and laptops. They access you with Whatsapp chat and Email.

It’s digital world. Everyone now prefers to order online. A single mistake in choosing best web design company may waste your investment. Think twice to choose wisely.

7 Checks to perform yourself

KYR: Know yourself. Visit your competitor websites; evaluate their strategies, what layout working fine for them. List down all your requirements and ideas to share with your service provider.

Ask them if they have done something similar before. If so, check it. If no, ask them if they are capable to do it or not.

Check Developer/Company website: If you are approaching any freelance developer or company. Check their own website. Does it appeal you to order?

History: Knowing your service provider from their website and other modes of communication would let you know about them more. A company with 10 years of history would have more experience than a company with 5 years age.

Portfolio: Visiting previously designed website is great approach to access their skills. Are they only working on same platform, website theme, layout and CMS or they are versatile with every segment. Strategies to make a website for a restaurant and saloon would be different.

After Sales/Support: It is really hard to provide support after completing services. Check their support. Send them an email asking for something. If you get an instant reply or within 24 hours. You may go for them but if your reply is late. It may be trouble for you in future.

Service Charges: Not as much important as your brand is but still it is considerable thing. A company charging above market and company charging below market is straight no.

Read their reviews: Companies with good rating usually have customer feedback on feedback websites and google my business listing. Read reviews.

Final Words

It was only 1% back in 1995 but today more than 40% of people on earth have internet access i.e., almost 4.48 billion people [1][2]. These stats will grow in the coming years. Why not think bigger and target the world? Business models are changed. Amazon has replaced hundreds of businesses around the world. Businesses in China have teams dedicated to approach new clients and find more opportunities.

Are you ready to launch your business website? The very first step is to a domain name and web hosting. You can make a website on WordPress with this guide to save some bucks and risk your business. The better way is to handover your hosting login details to your carefully selected developing company with all your requirements. Give it a test. It’s not a big cost.