In a Dedicated server, there is no sharing required as the users have the server all to themselves. If you need privacy, then a dedicated server is the answer for you, as the safety and security of your applications and website are very important. A dedicated server will also work best for you if you need a lot of data space.

VPS stands for Virtual Private Server, it is one of many types of web hosting accounts to host your website online, but in a shared hosting environment. In VPS hosting, there may be sharing some physical resources like CPU, RAM, and disk space, but the user still has the freedom to have their own control panel and a private server. 

7 Differences between Dedicated Hosting and VPS Hosting

There are several differences between Dedicated and VPS sharing; some are discussed below that would surely help you in taking the right decision whether VPS is for you or you must go for a dedicated server. It all depends upon the project requirement that no one knows better than you. For small sites, we recommend using shared hosting.


In the web hosting world, excellent performance is all about how fast your website loads and runs for visitors and how well. In dedicated hosting, if your site faces huge surges of traffic, it will still load quickly. But in VPS hosting, the offered loading speed might be high, but if there is a spike in traffic on multiple sites on the server, your site may take more time to load.

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In VPS hosting, you may be affected by others’ carelessness in terms of safety. You are allowed to install your own security software in both types of hosting. Although VPS hosting is very secure, dedicated hosting gives you the opportunity to control any security breaches. You may make it DDOS protected, remove shells, have complete backed access to check anything you need.

Resource Allocation

In VPS hosting, you have to share the resources. And if you need something extra, you have to rely on the chances of anyone else leaves something for you to use, but with no guarantee. While in dedicated hosting, you can have as many resources as you want without relying on someone else. Both of these can be upgraded if you require extra ram, bandwidth or space.

Customization and Configuration

Both types of hosting can offer manageable and unmanageable plans, which you can amend and adjust month-on-month. Both types can be used with Windows or Linux operating systems. There may be nearly no difference if it comes to customization and configuration.

Flexibility and Scalability

It is the limit to which your hosting plan can go along with your website. When it comes to VPS hosting, they are easily scalable. There is also no downtime required for modifications, and clients can upgrade the resources on their own. On the other hand, dedicated hosting has no automated scaling. Either you add additional hardware or specify your requirements weighing the headroom for growth. Also, an engineer is required to make the changes if you want to avoid downtime.


As compared to Dedicated hosting, VPS hosting costs less, mainly because of resource allocation. When it comes to Dedicated hosting, you are getting the best plans as they can be customized, so you have to pay more.

Reliability and Management

In VPN hosting, the data can be saved across several physical servers on the cloud. This is very cost-effective in terms of reliability and uptime. For Dedicated hosting, such reliability can only be achieved by using additional hardware components. This will ultimately result in a more expensive server.

Pros and Cons-VPS Hosting

Sufficient performance levels for most of the websitesNo match with Dedicated hosting, in terms of performance or resources
Cheaper than Dedicated hostingLimited resources because of sharing

Pros and Cons-Dedicated Hosting

Excellent performance, huge resource limitsMonthly plans are relatively expensive
Saves you upgrading to a higher planTechnical knowledge require

We hope that this article is helpful regarding the difference between Dedicated and VPS hosting. In a nutshell, dedicated hosting provides you with your server to work whereas, VPS hosting offers a shared virtual server where you host your website alongside others.