Making WordPress website is not hard. You can make it yourself if you want to. Many SMEs avoid making websites for the reason of cost but it is not so. There are multiple benefits if businesses showcase themselves to the public and prospects.

The first step is to choose to host. Web Hosting companies have different packages like this for clients. They select what meets their need. Right after buying domain and hosting the step is to install SSL and WordPress. Now comes to Theme Selection.

6 Things to consider before selecting a theme for your business or services website

Target Audience

We talk every day about making more clients and increasing sales. Your audience gender, age, profession, and geography must be considered before theme selection.

If doctors are your clients, your theme should have prominent white in it but if designers are your clients, your theme would have multiple colors and a combination of it. It may have cartoonish look if you have a product for babies.

Responsiveness: Compatibility with all devices

No one has time to turn their PCs/Laptops on to find something they want. Everybody uses smart devices whenever and wherever they want. Any theme you choose, it must be responsive to devices.

Just image, if a site isn’t device friendly and the visitor has to move it right-left to read product details. It would be trouble. Ease your prospects.

Developer Friendliness

You or your developer. Whoever is going to design a website for you. The theme must have easiness to perform actions. Having adjustable height and width for your logo is a bonus.

Few themes are very good at looks but very bad when you need to edit a small thing. You may or may not be able to do so.

Page Building

There are many themes that come with page builders. You are free to make a page of your choice. Where to put a specific thing you like. Normally you modify demo data or layouts with your preferences but builders like Divi and elementor make is very easy. A simple drag and drop to develop your brand. If you have it. It’s good to go.

Support after Sales

Building a theme from scratch takes more energy, time and resources. The easy way is to buy already developed themes and make little customization on demand. The selected theme must have support after you buy it. Normally every company gives support for 1-year after-sales. So, avoid using free ones. They are also hacked

Crawler Friendly

Select a theme which has following things especially for search engine crawler

  1. lightweight
  2. clean coded
  3. indexable
  4. mobile-friendly

If any theme has the following features, you are good to go.